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A young child looking through the window and tattered screens at the Quality Inn in Brattleboro.

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Former hotel resident Michael Hutchins outside the Brattleboro building where he lives.

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The Quality Inn in Brattleboro, VT. 

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Cars filled with personal items and open shipping containers in the parking lot of the Quality Inn. 

News Published
Motel Owners Are Withholding Security Deposits Meant to Benefit Homeless Tenants
zachary p. stephens
Mar 22, 2023
Here are a few images I made for Seven Days in Vermont to go with an important story on homelessness and temporary motel housing. Head over to to read the full story by reporter Chelsea Edgar.

"When Brenda Ouellette moved into Room 107 at the Brattleboro Quality Inn last fall, the paint was peeling, the bathroom was rife with black mold,..."

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Zachary P. Stephens

Zachary P. Stephens is an artist/photographer and educator, based out of southern Vermont.
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